Welcome to our Advanced Propulsion R&D project.

This craft will be an aircraft as opposed to the electrogravitic craft which I discussed in my Roswell presentation back in 2005. I plan to publish part two (on gravity) of a three-part paper on my experiments and discoveries concerning the true inertial nature of electricity, magnetism and gravity in 2018. The paper has easily repeatable empirical tests which will allow other researchers see and measure electromagnetic interactions with gravity.

We performed these tests numerous times in both hemispheres of the planet with astounding results. Please note that I was a member of the IEEE in 2008 and I submitted part one to the IEEE for publication. They wanted absolute ownership of the copyright. When I declined they decided my paper was too difficult for their readers to understand and refused to publish the article. It's all about money and control I guess.... sad to say.

American inventors and artists are not adequately protected enough to prevent offshore piracy of our new products and our media productions. This single issue is responsible for killing American innovation. No investor will support new product development if there is no way to own intellectual property as part of their participation.

For this reason I have to share only so much with you in the hope that we can manufacture a product, stockpile it, then release it for sale all at once before overseas 'thieves' can kill our market. Our hands are tied. We know of no other way to give these novel and advanced technologies to the world... a world which desperately needs to conserve energy in the various modes of transport which currently use so much.

Had I filed the patents I prepared back in 2009, the following would have been included:

Images from design process:

EGP interstellar concept

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